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General Questions

General Questions
Our website isn't that old, why do we need a new one?
To be most efficient, engaging and safe, websites need constant retuning, just like a car. To continue with that metaphor, cars that are well taken care of, last longer. Unfortunately, at some point they all need a new engine, new paint and eventually find their way to the scrap heap. One year for a website is like seven years for a car. Web development is one of the fastest evolving technologies as are the mobile devices that now power the internet. If your website is past it’s second birthday and has not been under the watchful eye of a web professional, it’s most likely due for an overhaul.
How long will it take to get the new website on-line?

Most FSS website packages typically take 30 days to complete. If your project includes advanced or multiple components additional time may be required. An estimated completion date will be provided.

Will I be able to update the content of my website?
Yes. Updating your websites content will be as easy as using MS Word! The website comes with an inutive, easy to learn award-winning, configurable WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. This interface includes advanced, text, image, file and link handling, plugin support, and an Administration interface for editor configuration.

We will provide you with the basic training you need in order to successfully update your content. If you ever need help or have questions, we are always available to assist you.
Can all the facilities in my squadron update content on the website?

Yes, we can set up additional restricted user accounts for facilities within your squadron, at your request. These accounts can be configured with varying degrees of access. This approach allows for a collaborative effort to keep your website content up-to-date.

Will the website work with NIPRnet?

The website is built with HTML 5 and CSS3. Due to NIPRnet restrictions, minor aesthetic flaws can occur. The NIPRnet has specific requirements for SSL certificates. We will install and configure an approved certificate.

What materials do I need to provide?

The written content, artwork, high-resolution photos and media you provide will be integrated into your website. To achieve the best layout, design, and performance of each page, your package includes the following basic graphic services: cropping, resizing, rotating, light color/contrast correction and converting your images and artwork to low-resolution file types/size. If you do not have images and artwork, we can create and/or license this for you for an additional fee.

What is a sitemap and why is it important?

We will help you make a sitemap as the first step in the project. A site map provides a structural overview of how your website will be put together. It serves as the blueprint in building the menus and pages. It ensures that your requirements are clearly outlined and that the scope of work is clearly defined.

Can I see the project as it progresses?

Yes, you will be able to log in at any time and see what is being done. Your involvement and feedback are important at this time. As we go forward you will be required to write or do correction on your own text.

Can I request changes once the work starts?

Your project includes an allowance of time for making changes, adjustments and tweaking. Once the template and sitemap have been approved, changes or additions outside the agreed scope of work might require additional time and costs to complete.

For example, if you purchase a medium package and request items that require a large package, we will advise you to upgrade your package. Your project will never go over budget without your informed consent.

What does SEO mean?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to the efforts made to improve your websites ranking with search engines. Put simply, it ensures your website can be found in search engines like Google for words and phrases most relevant to what your website offers and what your customers search for.

Your website will be built to be SEO ready, by making sure the structure and content are fully optimized so it is well indexed by search engines. Having this foundation done right is an essential step in improving your organic (free) search results.

Why are meta tag descriptions and keywords important?

A meta description summarizes the content of a webpage. This short description is what displays to a customer in search engine results. A good meta description should be 135 to 160 characters (40-50 words) and provide relevant, concise information that matches the page's content. Taking the time to write a meta description for each page on your website can improve your organic (free) search results. Pages with meta descriptions index better which provides a clearer, faster path for your customers to find the information they were searching for.

Please provide meta descriptions and keywords for each webpage on your sitemap so we can add them to your website along with your content. If you have any questions, we are here to help and can give you tips and pointers on how to write effective meta descriptions. The below article is a great resource if you are new to writing meta descriptions.

What does CMS mean?

CMS stands for "Content Management System", which is a software tool that allows you to create, edit, manage and publish content on the web. There are many different CMS options available, but they all share the common goal of providing the user with an intuitive interface for building and modifying webpage content.

How do I get started?

Everything you need to know about getting started and all the phases of the project can be found on our Getting Started Page.

Training & Support

General Questions
How do I get training on updating the content of my website?

Training is provided, one-on-one, through screen sharing sessions and teleconferencing. This proven method combined with the customer knowledgebase will give you everything you need to update your website's content.

How do we request support?
Requesting Support Via Ticket System
Routine Support & Work Requests

Support requests and work requests can be submitted 24/7 via the ticket system. After submitting your request, you will receive a ticket confirmation via email. From now on you can easily track the progress of all support requests and work orders using your email address.

Urgent Support
& Quick Questions

You can also contact us during regular business hours us via Skype, Social Media, iMessenger, WhatsApp or Phone so we can provide immediate support for urgent matters or answer quick questions as they arise.

When can I get training and support?

Support is available:

  Europe (GMT +1 • Amsterdam)
  Mon - Fri
  8 am to 6 pm

  United States (GMT -5 • New York)
  Mon - Fri
  8 am to 6 pm

To accommodate your schedule, training can be scheduled outside of these hours on request.
What if we make a mistake when we are updating the website?

No worries, there is nothing you can break that we can not fix. Backups are done 3 times a day and if you ever need a backup restored, it only takes a few minutes and there is no charge.

Data Security & Hosting

data security
Can I use my current web hosting provider?

No, we require the Air Force websites we build and maintain to be hosted with 123-Internet. We have a long-standing relationship with this company, complete control of the configurations and settings needed for the optimum performance of your website and redundant backup systems in place.

Unlike commercial websites, Air Force websites are governed by an additional set of rules. The servers that house our websites have the added security measures of ISO Data Center Certification and Next generation DDOS protection to ensure your information meets Air Force Privacy Act and DISA regulations.

What is inlcuded with the Web Care Package?

The hosting package includes: 1 to 3 GB Disk Space (depending on package) + Litespeed with SSD, SSL included, automated Daily Back-Ups (3 times daily, maintained off-site for up to 30 days), free restorations, custom configured for your CMS, a variety of licenses and free CMS/extension updates, patches and debugging.

Why are immediate to the server and CMS updates important?

Immediate updates ensure the security and integrity of your website and are imperative in defending against hacking, malware and computer viruses. CMS and extension updates cover security gaps commonly used to compromise websites. Without frequent, ongoing and immediate updates your website's data and visitors to your website are vulnerable to a variety of risks. The majority of hacked websites could have avoided this hardship had they simply stayed current with updates and security patches.

Why is a Dedicated Server better than shared hosting?

Shared hosting is just what it sounds like. You are sharing the resources of a server with a wide range of other websites, with no guarantees of who your neighbors are. On a Dedicated Server, you won’t suffer performance issues, security breaches and configuration restrictions that are often associated with shared hosting environments. Additionally, your server is custom configured and optimized for your website, not generically set up to manage the basic needs of hundreds of customers. Your website/software is set up to work in perfect harmony with the server which ensures flawless operation, faster performance, and greater reliability.

What are the benefits to having SSL on a website?

Secure Socket Layers (SSL) is what websites and browsers use to ensure the information passed between them is kept secure and encrypted, serving as an anti-hacking shield.

Adding SSL to your website is of great benefit to your overall ranking with popular search engines like Google. Anyone who visits your website will know you take your security seriously. With SSL your website address will begin with https://.

Having the trust of your customers is an essential element of all internet business and commerce, SSL is one of the cornerstones of developing and maintaining that trust. Having SSL will also increase your ranking with search engines.

How do I know my data is safe?

We take data security and privacy very seriously. Our systems are hosted by ISO certified data centers protected by 24-hour surveillance and DDOS Protection. Backups are done 3 times a day and kept for 30 days.

What is the advantage to having a Hosting Complete Care Package?

The CMS of a website is similar to the operating system of a computer, requiring regular updates and patches for optimum security and performance. Over time the CMS will become obsolete and require migration to an entirely new version, in a similar way that a computer operating system would be upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

Migrations require the professional expertise of a web developer to successfully transition a website to a new CMS and debug. A new template and design adjustments, requiring a web designer, is often a part of the migration process. This costly, labor-intensive process can be avoided by adding our Complete Care Packages and provide a monthly time allowance of professional webmaster services.

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Payment & Packages

General Questions
Do I need to sign a contract?

No, a contract is not required. If you want to cancel any portion of the services, all that’s required is 30 days notice prior to your annual renewal date.

What payment methods do you accept?

All major credit cards including Mastercard, VISA, Discover, American Express and PCard. We also accept payments via PayPal and bank transfer. Additional payment options are available on request.

Can I use a PCard to purchase Your Force Support products and services?

Yes, the products are eligible for PCard use as outlined in AFI 34-275 (23 Jun 2011).

When the package you select falls within the single purchase and monthly purchase limits the PCard can be used and is the preferred method of payment. PCard purchase limits vary across bases and theaters but typically range between $2500 and $5000 for the majority of FSS Programs. The total of your purchase may include multiple items; however, the total amount cannot exceed the single purchase limit. Splitting the purchases in order to stay under the single purchase limit is considered an unauthorized split payment.

In cases where your package exceeds the single purchase limit of the PCard, a PO (Purchase Order) will be required from your local NAF Contracting Office. In most cases, this branch handles purchases under $25000 that do not require SAM oversight. We are familiar with this process and can provide the documentation typically required to support the PO request. Please note that if this payment method is used, the competed approved PO will be required prior to the project getting underway.

If you have additional questions about PCard and Contracting/Procurement rules and regulations, please visit the NAFAFPO Website or consult with your local contracting officer.


PCard AFI 34-275NAFAFPO Website

What payment terms do you offer?

Before the website or requested work will start an invoice will be provided. Payment is due upon invoice. In exceptional cases, Net 30 Terms are permitted when an approved PO is provided in advance.

What's included in a website package?

Your website will be built using a lightweight, SEO ready framework with responsive design that performs perfectly on all devices, social media integration, site search, and built-in analytics. You will also have a gallery and event calendar that can be customized and modularized throughout the website. This package also includes CMS training on how to update your website content.

Additional services, functionality, and components can be added to this package based on the size and needs of your squadron. Click here to see a full list of features, packages or request a custom quote.

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