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Website Hosting with
Complete Care Package

Charged Annually • $970


1 GB Upload Space
Webmaster Services
CMS Cupdate Service
CMS Migration Service
Dedicated Server / SSD Hosting

Website Hosting with
Complete Care Plus Package

Charged Annually • $1077


3 GB Upload Space
Webmaster Services
CMS Cupdate Service
CMS Migration Service
Template Update Service
Dedicated Server / SSD Hosting
Care Packages are renewed annually, notice of service cancellation must be provided a minimum of 30 days prior to annual renewal date. Care Packages are billed annually in Euros and subject to exchange rates on the date of payment. US dollar prices listed above are provided as an estimate using exchange rates on 1 May 2017.

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Estimated time until the next CMS Migration is required:


Never have to upgrade or overhaul your website again...

website migration

Website technology and style are ever changing and evolving. A website that is brand new today can look dated and begin to suffer performance issues in as little as two years. due to new browser technology, security standards/tools and the demands of extensions and plugins. CMS migrations are an inevitable change all websites face, requiring technical expertise and in many cases, redesign with a new template. This time-consuming process can cost hundreds of dollars due to debugging and redesign.

With a Service Care Package, you’ll never face the hassles, headaches or costs of migrations, overhauling or upgrading your website. You’ll also get the added bonus of 30 minutes per month of webmaster services that can be used for content updates, adding pages or menu items or additional training.

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