Benefits of updating your website

Things to consider when evaluating your existing website

Mobile friendlyMobile friendly


Are you able to easily update the content of the website?

Today's content management systems make it easy to update your websites content yourself. With modern front-end editing applications, updating your website can be as simple as editing a Microsoft Word document.

You can add, format and easily change text, embed videos, photos and PDF documents in a few mouse clicks.

No knowledge or experience with HTML code is required.

Easily update your websiteEasily update your website


Is your website mobile friendly?

Responsive design is essential to your website rendering correctly on all devices, screen sizes and resolutions.

According to Google, as of 2017, over 40% of people accessing the internet do so using a mobile device.

Using a lightweight responsive framework will increase your ranking with search engines and improve your mobile user's experience.

Quick loading websiteQuick loading website


Is your website quick to load on all devices and browsers?

If a page takes longer than 2 seconds to load, you might have already lost the interest and attention of almost half the people who visit your website.

The problem of slow loading pages becomes even more pronounced on mobile devices. To get the fastest page load times our websites are built and optimized with the most modern caching techniques.

We use Dedicated Litespeed SSD servers that are constantly updated with the newest software and configurations.

can you be hackedcan you be hacked


Is your website at risk for being hacked?

Hearing about websites that have been hacked has become commonplace, sadly many of these security breaches could have been avoided.

Over a quarter of the websites on-line, today have not received the necessary security updates and patches needed to inoculate them against viruses, malware, and malicious activities.

We make sure your Dedicated Litespeed Server, CMS system and software extensions are constantly and immediately updated. This ensures your website is always completely safe, secure and protected.

slow old websiteslow old website


How old is your website?

Web standards evolve very fast, radically changing the techniques and code used to build websites in only a year or two.

Performance, functionality and browser compatibility are just a few of the issues experienced by some websites they are several years old.

Fixing these technical issues improves your visitor's experience and your ranking with search engines.

social media built insocial media built in


Do you have social media linked into your website?

According to Forbes Magazine, 78% of consumers report that the posts they see on social media about products are services influence their purchase behavior.

By activating and linking social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, into your website, you can engage your customers in an entirely new way.

The boost in traffic and links to your website will also improve overall ranking, grow your audience and build a stronger brand identity on multiple platforms.

seo support built inseo support built in


Can your customers find you?

There are many factors that contribute to your websites organic search results. Our websites are built using the best techniques to index your website with search engines.

SEO (search engine optimization) is an ongoing process that can be achieved with a number of techniques we can advise you on.

user friendly websiteuser friendly website


Is your website user-friendly?

Proper planning, regimented organization, and analysis are required to bring together a website that not only engages your customers but allows them to find what they came for quickly.

If they struggle to get what they need, hit broken links and content that isn’t relevant to their search they won’t stay long and might not return.

Ok, I'm sold. I need a new website

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