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The assigned project manager should either have full decision-making authority or has to make sure that all information provided has been approved. Major deviations can be made but will be charged at the rate of €40,- per hour.


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Website Structure - Create & Send Your Website Sitemap


All you need to get started building your website is a sitemap which provides an overview for the project.

Website Sitemap

e.g. 355FSS - Davis Monthan Airbase
The name of the POC - This is usually somebody from FSS Marketing
Please upload your document here so that we can start to implement it in the website


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Send Metatag

Being the best in Google's Class


Keywords and descriptions determine how search engines index a web page. They are essential because they play a major role in the ranking of a page and overall ranking of an entire website.


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Website Logos in SVG Format:

For each Facility, we need your logo.

Because of the high quality and fast loading times on all devices we use SVG Logos.

We need vector images in .ai (preferred) or .eps native Illustrator format. In both cases please make sure that the layers are intact and editable.


Unless Air Force Services just came out with a new logo, we already have all the services logos, so you only need to send your base specific ones.

All logos are to be uploaded as a .zip file. We will create the svg's.

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Preparing Your Logos:

All logos are to be uploaded as a .zip file. We will create the svg's.

Let's Start!

Upload Your Logos:


Documents / Files & Information


FSS Facilities in general often have many documents. For example, these can be, sign up forms, price lists, restaurant menus and more. These documents will all be uploaded to the 'Website Document Manager' where they can easily be managed and linked to buttons on the facility pages. After a scheduled short lesson, you can upload the documents to the website yourself. This is a very convenient procedure.


Creating Upcoming Events in the Calendar


After Website Installation is up and the Calendar has been installed, your Marketing Department will receive tuition enabling you to start adding new events while 'Your Force Support" continues to work on your website. We do want to ask you for a few events, just for design purposes on the home page.

Please list the 5 most important events that are currently upcoming.

If you already have a Google Calendar we can import these events.


Content Integration


Once the website structure is complete, the content can be changed or added. Before you start your team will get a short training.


Review & Revision


Once the website is complete, you will be requested to do a final review. This can be done before or after the launch, as a website is dynamic and will constantly change over time.




Training can be scheduled when the project is near completion or after the launch.


After training is finished we will continue to be available to provide assistance. Your Website Complete Care Package includes 30 minutes per month of webmaster services to be used as you like for content updates or additional training.

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