It is more important that metadata is done “right” than fast.

  1. Review this article for an overview of what is required:
  1. Go to the specified page (link provided on right).
  1. Pick at least 3 keywords, add these to the keywords box.
    I like using quite a few as this helps me in wiring the description.
  • Static information like the name of the tour, places, and sites
  • Prices and dates should be avoided as this information is dynamic
  • Just the relevant words separated by a comma and a space, nothing else
  • If there are several common spellings, provide all of them
  • Include only items that are found within the content of the page
  • The more relevant your information, the better you will be ranked
  1. Next, write the main descriptions – do all the main descriptions first, leave description 2 for now. This is what will be published with the webpage and what will show in the search engine results.
  • This is what your audience sees in the search results
  • Make it relevant, interesting, exciting – make them want to click
  • Use at least some of keywords you selected
  • Max 160 Character / about 45 words
    • (MS Word will show you the word count – just highlight the section you want to count and look at the bottom left of the window)
  • Has to be different from other descriptions and content on your website. If you just copy what is on the page or other meta descriptions on the site, this will adversely affect your rankings.  Please take the time to make sure every meta description is unique.
  1. Lastly, write the second meta description. This is what will be associated with the menu item of the webpage.  It is not as important as the first description but will improve ranking and should be done for all pages eventually.  A simple reworking of the first description is normally sufficient, but make sure it’s not a copy – the text needs to be sufficiently altered.

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